After discussing an organization’s goals, challenges, and values, I create a plan to address the organization’s needs through one or more of these services:

Organizational Consultation

My consulting work is based on the premise that organizational development begins with individual development.

I engage employees at every level of the organization in a collaborative process designed to foster sustainable change. 

Issues I address in my consulting work include:

  • Collaborative approaches to learning systems
  • Crisis management
  • Enhancing success for women in the workplace
  • Merger-related communications and engagement strategy
  • Quality improvement processes
  • Revenue and development models

Leadership Development Workshops

I design and deliver workshops to introduce collaborative and adaptive leadership strategies in all types of organizations, customizing the content and approach to the learning styles and knowledge base of attendees.

Examples of recent workshops:

  • Leadership in a time of uncertainty
  • Boosting fundraising using time, complexity and neuroscience 
  • Millennials and Beyond: Building the next generation of leaders
  • Mentoring and the role of trust
  • Using learning strategies in real time
  • When Departments Collide: Tools for fractious times

Keynote Speaking

I’m frequently invited by organizations and associations to address their audiences at conferences and internal meetings.

I custom design every speech to be relevant and revelatory for its intended audience.

I’ve delivered more than 300 keynote speeches on topics including:

  • Disruptive innovation in social services
  • Leading in difficult times
  • New approaches to disability and diversity 
  • Being 'in the moment' as a leader
  • Changing the culture of our work and life
  • Learning as the core skill for leadership

Meeting & Event Facilitation

I help clients maximize the benefits of high-stakes meetings and events through meticulous pre-meeting planning and facilitation skills that fully engage every attendee in the process and address both controversy and collaboration. 

Using design thinking strategies I facilitate meetings on topics including:

  • Building a matrix management decision system post-merger
  • Building a national network of philanthropic funders 
  • Creating learning strategies in work settings
  • Developing a lexicon for cross-profession revenue models
  • Transition and succession planning for not-for-profits
  • Understanding the future of public health and hospital care

Executive Transitions

Organizations are at their most vulnerable during times of leadership change. But these transitions also represent unique opportunities for growth. I work with interim and incoming leaders to harness the positive possibilities of these transitions. 

Below are examples of recent Executive Transition projects:

  • 100 day plans for newly appointed C-Suite leaders
  • Background research on executive candidates 
  • Building supported exit strategies for outgoing executives
  • Fiscal analysis for new leaders of organizations in flux
  • Negotiation tactics for executive candidates 
  • Priority setting for interim leaders in universities