My unique approach is tailored to the specific needs of each organization, and built on a set of core principles developed over decades of experience:

Problems like to hide.

The problem that surfaces isn’t always the real problem. Through a process of deep inquiry – engaging stakeholders at every level of the organization – I help uncover the root causes of your challenge. 

Change is a constant.

Any consultant can fix today’s problem then come back to solve the next one. I help your people embrace their own problem solving abilities. So when the next organizational challenge arises, the solution will come from within, not from a consultant.

Conversation is a power tool.

There’s no more powerful technology for uncovering truth than conversation. I approach every conversation with an open mind and a focused set of questions. The responses lead to more questions, and ultimately to solutions. 

Helping complex organizations unleash their problem solving capacity to address today’s challenges & anticipate tomorrow’s.

Who I Help

My clients include leading organizations in healthcare, higher education, philanthropy, and the private sector.

How I Help

Clients hire me to facilitate organizational change, manage leadership transitions, deliver keynote speeches, and more.

What I've Done

My approach to facilitating organizational change draws upon my extensive work as a consultant, educator, and leader.