I work with organizations facing urgent strategic or cultural challenges. These are the sectors and clients where I continue to make a significant and lasting impact. 

Health Care

Regulation, accreditation, quality improvement, and re-imbursement challenges are among the issues facing organizations in this complex and chaotic industry.

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The human body is a highly complex, interrelated system. But heath care in the US is a “non-system” measuring outcomes in reimbursement for disconnected services. It’s no wonder Americans view healthcare institutions as places to fear and avoid.

I utilize systems and learning approaches with health care clients, working across departments and levels on holistic solutions to help minimize costly errors while positioning organizations to thrive in an environment of uncertainty.


I help mission-driven organizations navigate strategic and critical issues including development, governance, and leadership succession, assisting them to focus on what matters most.

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Of the more than 1.5 million not for profit organizations in the US, two thirds are expected to go through major changes in the next five years due to factors including reductions in public financing, mergers, and changes in leadership.

My work with NFPs is grounded in an understanding of the unique governance challenges faced by these organizations. I employ a process steeped in respect for the NFP’s employees, boards, and funders, and crucially, the populations they serve.

Private Sector

Based on deep experience in organizational turn-around and leadership development, I help small and large businesses develop strategies to maximize financial success while improving work-life balance.  I uncover hidden root problems before they become the next crisis.

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My work with businesses is about embracing change. Building strategic partnerships, entering new markets, and improving collaboration all result in measureable progress and growth.

Engaging staff at every level to identify and achieve personal leadership goals is at the core of building an adaptive and innovative workplace.

Higher Education

Thanks to years of work as a university administrator and professor, I’m able to help leaders in higher education understand and respond to rapidly emerging fiscal and curriculum challenges. 

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My work in higher education is about building consensus and common language to address seismic shifts in revenue streams, demographics, and competency-based expectations.

I bring expertise in public and private tuition models, diversity and inclusion programs, metrics for faculty success, approaches to promotion and tenure, retirement incentive programs, curriculum development, divestment, and fund raising.